Background Extras Assignment in Hollywood

Requirement & Pay Details:

- Must live in Los Angeles, California area or within 100 miles
- Looking for Asian Male and Female, Age 18 + 
- Shooting usually take place in Downtown Los Angeles or Hollywood
- Guaranteed 8 hours of work but must be available all day for 8-12 hours
- Type of payment will be discussed prior to booking
- Rate ranges anywhere from $150-$300 per assignment
- Many times they are casting for large numbers of Asian extras to be on major film sets
- $84- 8 hours ($10.50/ hr) of guaranteed work
- If it goes pass 8 hours, hourly rate will be 1x1.5 ($15.75) on the 9, 10 hour
- If it goes pass 10 hours, hourly rate will be 2 x ($21/ hr) on the 11, 12 hour

A detailed call sheet with the exact filming address, wardrobe suggestion, point of contact upon arrival and etc. will be provided within 24 hour before the shoot date. 

Please fill out the application form and submit your photo to be considered.  You will be notified via email or text if you are booked for the assignment. 

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