MOODBOARD: These images are examples of the suggested lifestyle photos and type of wardrobe styles to use as point of reference. It's highly encouraged to incorporate your own creative trendy styles.  Photos should be a variation of close headshot, half and full body photos from each wardrobe looks.  We like to see their big and vibrant smiles in their most natural and effortless looks. 

MAKEUP: Kids absolutely no makeup.  Female Adults can start off with good full coverage foundation and minimal makeup with just mascara and color lips.  

HAIR:  Arrive with light curls or loose hair.  Bring hair gel and accessories to tie up your hair. Guys can do a  comb over gel look toward the end of the shoot as needed. 

WARDROBE: Trendy Casual wear (think Gap) . Bring lots of layering items and accessories such as Glasses, Sweater, Jackets, Hoodie, Blazer and etc to wear underneath so you can remove and add on as needed.

Click to view our Pinterest Board of Suggested Wardrobe Items for the photo shoot.

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