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Episodic 7 Episodes / Season 1 HBO A24

Producers: Susan Downey, Amanda Burrell, Ava Nelson, Niv Fichman, Fraser Ash, Kevin Krikst, Kim Ly, Ravi Nandan, Hallie Sekoff, Sydney Coleman
Director & Co-Showrunner: Park Chan-wook
Writer & Co-Showrunner: Don McKellar
Based on: the novel by Viet Thanh Nguyen
Casting Director: Jennifer Venditti
Casting Associate: Alan Scott Neal
Casting Assistant: Ivy Pham
Start Date: June 2022 - March 2023
Shoot Location: Vietnam and Los Angeles, CA
Rate of Pay: SAG Scale
(5-35k per episode, depending on which role)

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[THE CAPTAIN] Male. Late 25s to early 35s. Half Vietnamese / Half Caucasian.
A refugee from conflict in the North, he works in counterintelligence for the South Vietnamese army but at the same time is a double agent for the Viet Cong. Educated in America. Slender. Charismatic, witty and intelligent. Sensitive with an edge / darkness to him. Believable he could carry a secret and also have a violent side to him. Must speak fluent Vietnamese and fluent English (both flawlessly). Ability to speak some French a plus. SERIES LEAD. MULTI-YEAR DEAL. NUDITY, SEXUAL SITUATIONS AND SIMULATION REQUIRED. 

[THE GENERAL] Male. Mid 40s to mid 50s. Vietnamese.
Head of the South Vietnamese Secret Police, a Christian and an epicure (though not necessarily in that order). Paranoid, hen-pecked and proud to an almost ludicrous degree, he is an ardent believer in the American Dream and, if cornered, a dangerous patriot. Perfect posture. A leader of men. Can be dangerous, but there’s a pathetic side to him as well. A bit of a Napoleon complex. Must speak fluent Vietnamese (Southern dialect). Must speak English (but doesn’t have to be perfect). SERIES LEAD. MULTI-YEAR DEAL. SOME NUDITY REQUIRED.

[BON] Male. Late 20s to early 30s.
Vietnamese. A devoted friend, husband and father. His closest friend is the captain. A born soldier, a nationalist, a fearless fighter and, if necessary, a killer, but at the same time, sentimental. He has a wholesome love of violence. Should look physically strong. Not traditionally handsome. A face with lots of character. Gets into fights. Training in kung fu or taekwondo a plus. Must speak fluent Vietnamese (Southern dialect). Must speak some English (but not perfect). SERIES LEAD. MULTI-YEAR DEAL. NUDITY REQUIRED.

[MAN] Male. 30s to early 40s. Vietnamese.
An effortless leader, who acts like a big brother to the Captain, and also as his handler for the Communists. He is protective and compassionate, an idealist, but also an ideologue with a dangerous zealous streak. Self-disciplined. A dentist by trade. Must speak fluent Vietnamese. No English is required. SERIES LEAD. MULTI-YEAR DEAL.

[LANA] Female. 18 - 21. Vietnamese. The General's eldest daughter.
Forced immigration from Vietnam accelerates her rapid maturation from sulky teen to seductive songstress. She’s salty, she speaks her mind, and she’s pragmatic. She embraces the promise of her new country and its evolving liberal morality. Must speak flawless English (as she wants to pass as American). Does not have to speak Vietnamese. Ability to sing is a plus. Dancing skills are a plus. SERIES LEAD. MULTI-YEAR DEAL. NUDITY, SEXUAL SITUATIONS, AND SIMULATION REQUIRED.

[CRAPULENT MAJOR] Male. 40s. Half Chinese / Half Vietnamese.
An officer in the South Vietnamese Secret Police. He evacuates Vietnam with the General’s party to Los Angeles. An overweight, gregarious, social character. Loves food and talking. Comic ability. Very likable. Must speak fluent Vietnamese (Southern dialect). Must speak English (but doesn’t have to be perfect). Ability to speak some Cantonese is a plus. SERIES LEAD. 1 YEAR DEAL.


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Please fill out the following form and submit videos + photos if you would like to be considered for this project!

Please tape yourself answering the following questions honestly as yourself (in English):

a) what's your name
b) where are you based?
c) how tall are you?
d) what languages do you speak choose 1 of the below and answer:
e) do you feel like you resonate more as belonging or as an outsider. out in the world. whatever you resonate with, describe the last time you felt that feeling
f) have you ever been the keeper of someone's secret? if so, please describe that experience and how you felt about it. were you able to do it? if not, why?


-Please keep video 5 minutes or under.
-If you use your phone to record your interview, please make sure to shoot it HORIZONTALLY (not vertically).
-Please make sure to set up the camera so it is facing you frame from chest up (Medium Close-Up from picture) and speak directly into it to tell your story.

Please see the sides at the link below. Choose the sides for the role you think you're most right. This video should be separate from your interview video. Do the scene in Vietnamese and then in English. Two separate takes as two separate videos.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not material from the actual project. These are 'dummy' sides. If you happen to know what the material is from, we DO NOT want a recreation of the performances from the films. We want your version and interpretations of these lines. We will pass along material from the actual project if there is further interest.

- Feel free to use your phone. Shoot horizontally. Do not look at the camera. Make sure you have someone to read the other character's lines off camera. You should be looking at your scene partner.
- Do not read the stage direction as part of your audition.
- Try to learn the lines as well as you can -
- we don't want you reading off the page.
- A few self-tape examples on youtube: 3)

If the character you are submitting for lists a special skill in the character description, please let us know if you have that special skill i.e. for the Captain, ability so speak French is a plus, for Bon, taekwondo / kung fu is a plus, for Lana the ability to sing and dance is a plus. Please upload a video of said special skill(s).

Please submit two non-professional photos - a full body shot and a close up. These can be as simple as phone pictures against a plain wall in a well lit area (by a window with natural light is always best).


When is the deadline to submit my self Tape?
- Submit your self tape ASAP.  We will review and provide you with some feedback and  suggestion on retake as needed. Submission deadline is Friday, February 18, 2022 by 11:59 pm est. 

Will there be other roles releasing soon?
- Currently casting for all Lead roles.  Supporting and other roles will be available shortly.  Be sure to check back regularly for more updates. 

Where can I find the sides for each role?
- Click on the Role name listed in red to obtain the sides.  PLEASE NOTE: This is not material from the actual project. These are 'dummy' sides. If you happen to know what the material is from, we DO NOT want a recreation of the performances from the films. We want your version and interpretations of these lines. We will pass along material from the actual project if there is further interest. 

Do I need to have any experience to submit?
-Acting experience is a huge plus but not required

Can I invite my Family members who wants to submit for this project?
- We highly encouraged you to share this opportunity with your Parents or those who can relate to this book during the Vietnam War.

Can I submit to more than one role?
- We would highly suggest you to select one role that's within your age range or skill sets requirement. It's important to dress for the role and try to appear within that age range. Your photos and videos should reflect your current look. Practice, practice, practice then submit your self tape to us ASAP for review.

Will you be providing us with any feedback regarding our Selftape?
- Once we review your audition self tape, we may reach back out to you with some retake suggestion before we submit your final materials to Casting. The earlier you submit your videos the sooner you will hear from us with some coaching for your role.

Do you have anyone who can speak Vietnamese that will be able to help?
- We are an all Asian Talent Agency. Our CEO Kim Loan Duong is Vietnamese who can read, speak and write in Vietnamese. We can absolutely have someone speak in Vietnamese and help you through this casting process.

Will someone be able to help me find a reader?
-Absolutely! Please email us at and request for a reader. We will do our best to pair you up with someone who can also speak Vietnamese.

Do you have anyone who can help me selftape?
- Depending on which location you are currently residing, we do have plans to assist with in person Self Tape auditions in the Orange County, Southern California area soon. During the meantime, we will suggest you to some local studios in your area to assist you with the selftape. Please email us and inquire within.

How can I be signed with your Agency if I submit on this project?
- We would be the Agent on record for this project only if you do book with us. There's a completely different process to be considered for Agency Representation. This varies in a case by case situation such as some experience will be required and that you are ready to be fully committed in going out for other projects.

Who can we speak to if we have questions about this project?
- Our agency office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm pst. Contact (714) 794-5321

How can I review this page in Vietnamese?
- You can simply select the Vietnamese language n the Google Translate tab above. 

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