Everyone has a story and we want to know yours. These introduction bio videos that you share about yourself shows us who you are as a person and by extension your character. In this video, Chanda bravely talks about her past and how she has spent her whole life putting up a facade because that was what people wanted to see from her. After so many years of not being herself, she almost forgot who she truly is as a person. Never forget who you are because that is how you start to connect with different characters and scripts that you are presented with.

Instead of choosing a monologue, I challenge you to write your own character, script or monologue. Create a scene or moment that brings you back to an important time in your life. It could be a major life event or turning point that has shaped who you are today and what you stand for. Or even a simple moment that has resonated and stayed with you because of its impact on your life. We want to hear YOUR story and understand YOUR character through your performance.

Let's start with an introduction bio video about yourself. Then, we challenge you to write your own monologue OR you can select an existing age appropriate monologue that ties in closely with your character.

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