Commercial self-tapes have a fast turnaround. Their main goal is to see what you currently look like. Take the opportunity to be genuine and show your personality – introduce yourself in a short and concise manner. Keep it conversational and let the casting directors get a sense of who you are. Remember to be inviting and share your relevant experiences to the role.

Theatrical self-tapes will always ask for a slate, which is a quick introduction of yourself and the role that you are auditioning for. Remember to keep your slate in the tone of the specific role. When performing your scene, keep the camera at eye level, but do not look directly at the camera. It’s helpful to have another person helping you keep your eye-line to the left or right of the camera. See if you can find a reader to help you film your scene so that it can appear more natural! If no one is available, utilize Zoom or call a friend so that you have someone to recite lines with. The best part of a self-tape is that you have the time to get it perfect before sending it over. Make sure you get a head start so you have plenty of time before the submission deadline!

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- Follow the Selftape and Slate instruction if one were provided
- Highly suggest to shoot this video in a professional studio or setting
- If you are shooting this at home, stand against a solid neutral colored backdrop or wall in good lighting
- Shoot horizontal and use head and shoulders framing (medium shot) for self tape auditions
- We need to be able to see and hear you clearly with good audio
- Must be camera ready and wear clothes that is suitable for the character, role and age range
- Label your filename as suggested in the instruction or Name your Video File, with Agency Name, Role Name, Your Name
 Ex: Prestigious Powerhouse Agency, Role: Early Bride/ Amy, Talent: Kim Loan Duong
- Share with us any relevant skills, recent training or bookings we should include in your submissions
- If there is another role listed that you feel stronger about, please notate the reason why so we can request for a direct pitch
- Submit your selftape in ASAP to the suggested portal or format 
- Don't wait last minute near the deadline to submit
- Here's an FREE online teleprompter tool you can use to read your lines HERE
- Remember to always upload a copy of your self tape to the agency portal so we can review it as well
- Email the appropriate division once your self tape have been submitted to all portals       

For Theatrical projects, email
For Commercial projects, email
For New York projects, email


A good quality self tape has the potential of being shared for other projects, with other casting directors, producers and other professionals in the industry. Selftape not only showcase your acting abilities but also shows that you look the part, are photogenic AND can act while looking great on camera. Being able to self tape means that you have the time to nail your audition perfectly. You want to treat it as important as an in person audition. It can lead to more booking opportunities.

- Every selftape requires you to do something different.
- Pay attention to the self tape detailed instructions.
- It is important to learn how to adapt to fit the mood of the character you are auditioning for
- This means depending on the specs of the role, you want to adjust your wardrobe accordingly.
- Remember it’s not a one size fits all type of self tape.
- If they like what they see in the 1st preliminary round of a selftape, you will be invited for a 2nd callback to come into the studio for an in person audition.
- Do NOT wait until the last minute. Get your selftape submissions in as soon as possible


- The first thing we want to see when playing your video is a medium close up shot from the waist up or just right above your shoulder.
- This is important because they need to see your face clearly from the beginning.
- Do not start your self tape video with a full body shot of you being too far from the camera.
- We want to see overall body profile and proportion.
- If you don’t have enough space for a full body profile, leave your profile shot until the end of the video.
- Remember to continue to hold the camera horizontally for a wide angle shot and never hold it portrait even if it's a full body shot profile. The vertical angle does not flatter your overall body shape and proportion

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- Make sure your thumbnail & overall video is not too dark
- There are ring lights that plug directly into your smartphone or camera and come with a tripod stand and cellphone holder.  
- It does not need to be anything expensive where you can shoot anytime during the day.
- Make sure if you have a white background, that it does not get overexposed
- Shoot during the day at the brightest spot by sitting in front of a window without it being pixelating
- Get the ring light by clicking on the image for less than $40 here:


- Grey backdrop is highly recommended, It’s good for photos and self tape.
- Backdrop should be wrinkle free or standing against solid color
- Background color should contrast with the color of your clothing so you can stand out
- Ex: if you have a white background, make sure that you are not wearing white clothing
- Make sure there are no clutter or anything distracting in the background
- Backdrop should fill the entire frame and you do not see the edges in the video.
- You can get click  on the 10 x 10 Grey High Quality Backdrop image for $40 here:


It is extremely important that we are able to hear you clearly. Film when it is quiet and make sure sound is not echoey.

- Invest into a LAV mic here:
- $52 Audio Setup for Recording, Voice Over or Gaming

Why Framing & Labeling is important


Firstly, please keep in mind that casting directors can see your thumbnails. Be sure to choose a medium shot where you are centered in the frame and casting directors can clearly see your face. It is possible for casting directors to dismiss self-tapes due to unappealing thumbnails. Next, you should be labeling your projects appropriately. You want to provide enough details in the labels that the casting directors will immediately know who you are and what you are auditioning for.

Some examples of labels are:
 • SLATE: Your Name, Agency Name
 • SCENE: Your Name, Agency Name, Project Name, Role Name
 • PROJECT: Your Name, Agency Name, Project Name
 • HEADSHOT: Your Name, Agency Name
 • FULL BODY: Your Name, Agency Name


- Clothing should be form fitting to show your body proportions and can be layered with a jacket or sweater to show a specific style.
- This means depending on the specs of the role, you want to adjust your wardrobe accordingly to suit the age range
- Nothing too distracting or has large logos.
- Click to view the suggested options:    MALE WARDROBE     FEMALE WARDROBE


ON Camera Makeup is a MUST for both make and female. When they say natural makeup it means on-camera ready makeup with the basics.
- Eye concealer under eyes
- Full coverage long lasting
- Moisturize your lips with a tint of color It is important to learn how to adapt.

When casting directors are going through thousand of submissions, they are only seeing your thumbnail image and submission notes. If the quality is bad, or the framing is off, they might delete your self tape without watching it.

EXAMPLE: Here’s a quick preview of what they see when they review submissions. If your face is not clear, the lighting is too dark or the framing is off then your submission can be easily overlooked. Some examples of bad framing, lighting and labeling.

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3 Things to Avoid during Selfetape


If you don’t have a dedicated space in your home to film, we recommend getting a solid colored backdrop so that your background will look clean and professional in your submissions. Grey backdrops look best on camera. If you generally film later in the day or do not have good daylight in your filming space, a ring light or softbox lights would help improve the quality of your lighting and improve the overall look of your video.

Shoot your selftape by using a Camera or Smartphone are both OK as well.  Please be sure to hold your camera horizontally for a wide angle shot.  


- $39 Ring Light with Tripod, suggested item can be found here:
$52 Audio Setup for Recording, Voice Over or Gaming, suggested item can be found here:

We hope these tips help and we look forward to seeing them implemented in your future self-tapes!

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