We are constantly submitting you for roles, but if you are keen on self-submissions, be sure to keep your agent updated if you are independently booking auditions.

Before you confirm and accept an audition, you should forward it to your agent so that we can review the terms. We’re here to review the contracts and protect you.

Your agent will review conflicts, usage, and terms for you to make sure that the contract is favorable. We understand the market value of certain usage terms, so we will do our best to protect you. We will keep an eye out for perpetuity usage (one-time fee, but will use your media forever), exclusivity clauses (prevents you from working with competing brands), and we will reach out to the clients to get renewals that are at market value.

We might also already be working on the same project that you are auditioning for and we may be able to pitch you for a principal role (if you are auditioning for a supporting role). If we know that you are out and about on an audition, we can try to coordinate other auditions for you that fit your specific specs.

Be sure to keep your agent updated if you decide to submit your roles independently!

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