The first step of building your personal brand is to understand the important characters of yourself. These characters are like a compass of your personal brand, showing the direction of all of your branding content. This direction should cover all over your social media, website, works, and even personal life. For example, if Ryan is a positive person, then all of the content that she is outputting should somehow show her positivity. TIP: the easiest way to find your important characters is to find some adjectives to describe yourself.


When a company is branding, they will ask all of their workers to follow the direction provided by the compass we talked about previously to make the characters of their company vivid and consistent. As for talents, you need to share all of the materials with your agent, so that the characters you and your agent show to others will be the same. Also, all of your social channels that are public should show the same directions and characters to maintain consistency. Example, Amanda is a yoga instructor, competitive tennis player and TV host. Your social platforms should reflect photos and videos of what you do in your lifestyle.

Social Media Apps

Use a social media managing app to make your work easier . There are lots of applications and platforms that you can use to manage your online channel posts. We would recommend Hootsuite, Meta business suite, Canva, etc. All you need to do is to schedule your posts and those apps will help you post them on the scheduled time automatically. It is a less time-consuming way to keep connected with your audiences.

Schedule Your Post

Post your content at proper times Have you noticed, in fact, people surf the Internet a lot of the time? In order to let the content we publish be seen by more people, we should choose a more reasonable time to publish our social post. Here’s a table that lists the times when it's appropriate to post a social post.

Building A Community

When you are posting on social media, be mindful of the content and messages that you are putting out to the public. We recommend focusing on fostering a sense of community on your page instead. Take this opportunity to network with your friends and colleagues and celebrate their achievements on your page or your story. It will build a stronger sense of friendship and you will find that you’ll reach a wider audience that way. You’ll present yourself as someone supportive and involved in the industry, which will help solidify your personal brand. Don’t forget about engaging with your followers! You want to consistently post photos and videos to your page, but you should also take the time to interact and speak to your followers in your comment section. People are more inclined to follow someone that seems genuine and authentic. A larger social media following and high engagement rate is especially attractive to casting directors. The goal is to create balance between posts about yourself and your interests, while also supporting your friends and interacting with your followers.

Q & A with Social Media Expert Julie Plate

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