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Your style defines your image and the message that you are portraying to others. It’s important to identify your personal style so you can figure out how to embody a role and incorporate bits of your style to ensure a genuine performance.

This will help you understand your style and help you achieve a specific image and uphold your brand. The way you dress, the way you style your hair and the way that you behave can all emphasize and convey your personal style.

- Check all words that you feel describe your personality traits. You may check as many words as you want. This process will help you develop a style that will compliment your individuality!

- Once you identify your top 3 character traits, input those keywords on to start creating your own visual board.

- Send us your Pinterest board once you complete this exercise. Remember that your style will constantly change depending on how you want to be perceived. Have fun!

What is your current Character Personality Style?

Understanding Your Character Type

As you can see from the quiz, there are seven different styles: casual, traditional, elegant, sweet, alluring, creative, and dramatic. Each style has its own image and behavior. When auditioning for roles, it is important to identify the general style of the specific character to help you develop the makeup, wardrobe and attitude that casting directors are expecting to see from people auditioning for that particular role. 


Roles that require their character to be nice and approachable would typically have a sweet and romantic style. Ex: Anne Hathaway, Gemma Chan


Characters that are very individualistic, expressive and innovative would have a creative style. They’ll be dressed boldly and unpredictably. Ex: Lady Gaga, Ali Wong


People that are modern, refined and poised will be dressed elegantly. This style is generally suited for roles where their characters are wealthy and vain. They stand out and are noticed and admired. They give off an air of luxury. Ex: George Clooney, Michelle Yeoh


Characters that are portrayed as sensible and practical would have a classic and traditional style. This style is suitable for the roles of a detective, doctor, lawyer, or scientist because they give off an image of dependability and credibility. Ex: Sandra Oh, Maggie Q


Roles that require their character be assertive and bold tend to have a more dramatic style. These roles are generally for a CEO, politician, or an innovative leader. They’re not afraid to be aggressive. Ex: Denzel Washington, Anna Wintour


People who are charming and flirtatious, with a hint of danger, are alluring. These people will typically play characters that are bad ass or manipulative. They’re typically the mean girls or the bad boys. Ex: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez


Natural and sporty people are laid back and effortless. They rock the basics are approachable. These people will be in roles that are sporty or outdoorsy. They’ll play characters that are easygoing. Ex: Jennifer Aniston, John Cho

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