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There’s no such thing as over-communicating with your agent! We would prefer you keep us updated so that we can submit you for roles that would suit your skill set and your experiences.

As your agent, our main goal is to book you for roles and advance your career. We’re doing our best with the information we have, but it would be in your best interest to keep us updated with what you’re up to.

We don’t know what your exact skill set is, and we don’t know what other experiences and training you’re involved in. It would be beneficial for you to keep your agent and your resume updated by providing detailed information so we could submit you for roles accordingly.

If you see a role that you are interested in, do not hesitate to email us. Be sure to attach the breakdown of the role with all the necessary details. Let us know, as detailed as possible, why you think you would be a good fit for the role.

When to Reach Out

If you find that you are not getting submitted for roles where your skill sets apply, please let us know! If you notice that you are only getting submitted for dramatic roles, but you have a background in improv, then be sure to email your agent your concerns and update your resume so that we can submit you for the roles that you are best suited for. If you feel like you are not getting as many auditions, send your agent an email and check in with them. However, before you send an email, consider these questions:

   1. Is your schedule open for auditions? Are you available?

   2. Do you respond to audition tickets in a timely manner?

   3. Are you responding to our availability checks within 5-10 minutes?

   4. Are your photos updated? Are they accurate?

   5. Is your resume updated?

   6. Have you checked to make sure your other experience section is updated and all your skills are listed?

Don’t hesitate to reach out with your concerns! Let us know what area you excel in so that we know what we should focus on when we are submitting you for roles.

Best Practices When Working with Your Agent

We encourage all of our talent to keep a running rapport with their agent. Communication is key. You can text us during our business hours: Monday – Friday, 10AM – 7PM. Be sure to let us know when you are out of town for more that two days and let us know when you are back and available to go out on auditions again.

Agents do more than just electronically submit our talents for roles. We’re constantly pitching our talents directly to casting directors if they fit a certain role or specific specs. As such, we recommend that you have an audition bag on hand and are prepared for a full day of auditions.

Our talents are expected to text us back quickly when we check for their availability. Most of the time, we are pitching for specific auditions on that day, and we will only pitch the talents that respond in a timely manner. Please stay consistent with your schedule. If we text you for a same-day audition and you reschedule, that will decrease you chances of being pitched for that type of audition in the future.

Check in with us! We want to be updated with your recent bookings and trainings. If you have new marketing materials, be sure to send them to your agent so that we can keep your profile updated. It will help us get to know your strengths and allow us to submit you for the best roles for your experience level.

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