How do you get that perfect photo that can land you your dream audition? Here are some tips to help you get started!

For headshots, we’re looking for shots of you that present you in different ways. Be sure to submit photos that feature:

• A range of facial expressions - smiling, smizing, laughing, etc.

• Different perspectives of your face – front facing, looking over your shoulder, show us different views of your face

• Multiple hairstyles – have your hair down, tied up, styled, etc.

• Props – glasses, outfit changes, etc.

• A wide age ranges– we want to be able to submit your for as many roles as possible

For lifestyle photos, we’re looking for you to showcase your ability to incorporate different looks and props. We want photos that:

• Show a full range of different frames: headshot, half-body, full-body

• Implement props – if you play an instrument or a sport, pose with your gear

• Give us different vibes – have shots that look edgy, athletic, artistic, cute, etc.

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This industry is all about first impressions. Casting directors are selecting people for auditions based on the photos and notes that are submitted to their roles. It is especially important for our actors and models to have a wide variety of different looks and styles in their portfolios. The key is maintaining a versatile look.

It is in your best interest to submit a portfolio with headshots and lifestyle photos that showcases how you look in a variety of different styles (classic, edgy, artistic, etc.) so that we can submit you for more roles. Many roles specify if they want someone “edgy” or athletic” and it will be beneficial for you to provide photos where you can portray many different styles.

When you’re submitting photos for your portfolio, be sure to include photos of you in different outfits and settings that give off different vibes. Each photo submitted needs to be distinctly different from the other. This will give us plenty of options to choose from when we’re submitting you for roles.

Provide Different Photo Looks that Will Fit the Mood of that Character

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