Talent for this division would be available for jobs across the board in Commercial, Print, Events, TV & Film assignments. Talents will be casted in jobs such as Magazine Print Ads, Beauty, Apparel Collection, Catalogues, Lifestyle Brands and National Commercials, etc.  Talent under this division is required to have an established print portfolio showcasing variation of headshots, digitals, and multiple looks. At times, an in person audition will not be required as client will be booking off from the photos that’s featured on the agency website.


Height: 5'5 to 5'11

Weight: 90 lbs to 130 lbs

Age: 16 to 35 years old


Male: Height: 5'5 to 6'2

Weight:120 lbs to 180 lbs

Age: 16 to 40 years old


Talent for this category would be signed to be casted in jobs such as Magazine Print Ads in the Health, Beauty, Fitness, Family and Lifestyles industries. Seeking Female & Male

Height: 5'2 or Taller

All Ages: Now Representing Real Family, Real People with Real experience who has specialty skills.  Must have straight teeth, beautiful smile, clear complexion, with unique features and individuality.


Talent placed under this division are professionally trained actors.  They will be casted for Non Union and SAG Feature Films and Television Shows. 


Talent for this category would be placed for assignments in Asia working in markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand or North America. Please inquire within for more information about this division.


Talent for this division would be sent out for Brand Ambassador jobs representing major brands for touring series and local events in the Beverage, Automotive, Gaming and Poker Industries.

Female Height: 5'4 & Taller

Weight: 90 lbs to 130 lbs

Age: 18 to 35 years old

Must have an outgoing personality and be highly sociable


Talent placed under this division is currently in development of their modeling portfolio by the agency. They are available for test shoots and selective trade for print assignments. 


Do I need professional images to apply?
It is not required to have professional images when you apply. You can have any friend or family member to take natural digital snapshots of you on their smart phone. But if you do have professional photos already taken, be sure to include the links to your online gallery for further review.

What is natural digital snapshots?
The photos should be clear and in focus of at least 1 head shot and full body shot of you standing in front of natural lighting. This should be done during the day in natural lighting but not in direct sunlight. You should stand in front of a solid color background that will provide contrast in what you are wearing.

When taking these snapshot photos, should I at least wear some makeup?
Basic concealer underneath the eyes are ok. We prefer to see you in your natural look – clean, beautiful, and makeup-free.

What can I expect during the open call at the agency?
We ask that you come prepared with a printed photo to leave behind along with the suggested form that was sent to you via email prior to coming into the agency.

Can I still apply if I don’t live near the agency?
Absolutely! Our online application process allows us to find the undiscovered talent no matter where you are from all around the globe.

What if I haven’t applied online yet, will I be able to just stop by with my family and friends during the open call?
Sure, we love to see you with your family and friends. The best way for us to see and evaluate every single person who might be interested in applying but doesn’t have any experience yet is in person. Either way, we would still ask everyone to fill out a talent application form at so we can have you in our database. It’s highly suggested to contact our agency first before stopping by in case we have a completely full house and we may not be able to see your group in a timely manner.

What does it mean when I received an email regarding a project but I have not signed with the agency yet?
There are  times, we received specific requests from our clients for Real Family or Real Chinese/ Korean talent with special skills. By being in our database, we can immediately share this great opportunity for a  possible direct booking with you.  Whether you are officially signed with our agency or not, our number one goal is to see more Asian Talents in the mainstream market.  

Can I still work with your agency if I am already exclusively signed with another agency?
If you are not consistently working, then you should be able to book other jobs to make a decent living. We receive more booking requests for Asian models than others due to our specific niche of representing Ethnic talents.   Everyone should be consistently working whether it's from our agency, self submissions or working with others.  Feel free to inquire more about this by speaking to one of our representatives. 

Is there an application fee or any upfront cost I need to pay the agency?
You will never be charged for an application fee. The upfront cost you would have to make for yourself is paying a photographer to do a Test Shoot for your portfolio. We will provide a list of recommended photographers that’s familiar with what we need to achieve for you.

Why do I need to have a modeling print portfolio when I already have commercial headshots from my acting career?
Commercial headshot is just the initial photo to get started. We would need variation of close headshots, half body and full body shot in different angles. Often times, clients pick and chooses who they like for their print campaign by going through the agency website. You would need a completed print portfolio showcasing your different looks to obtain direct bookings.

Can I shoot with my own photographer friend?
As long as they meet the agency standard we are open to reviewing it. Often times, these type of photos are incomplete with no styling involved, not wearing the right wardrobe and it doesn’t bring out your best features. It is highly recommended to do your first Test Shoot with a professional team that will deliver quality photos of what you need. Learn from the pros in what to wear and how these looks are being created then you can reproduce it with your photographer friends or contacts next time.

Why should I shoot with the agency recommended list of photographers?
They will guide you how to pose, work on your facial expressions in front of the camera, provide clothing that will flatter your body type with industry standard makeup and hair styling to complete your looks. Most importantly, we will receive the necessary marketing materials we need to get you started.

Is the agency willing to advance the cost of my first test shoot for my portfolio or will I have to pay for it upfront?
It’s a case by case basis if the agency is willing to advance some of the start up cost can depend on a few things. Determining factor is base on various reasons such as your age, look, talent skills and capability of booking jobs that you will have to pay back once you start working. Once you start booking jobs, the agency will deduct what is owed from your pay check or account.

What are the start-up fees and ongoing expenses?
Even after you start working and booking jobs, you will have ongoing expenses such as new photo shoots, prints for your book, agency commissions and website fees. These will be small expenses in relation to the income you will earn, plus your business expenses will be tax deductible.

Will I have to drop out of school or work?
We want to consider modeling is a hobby until you finish school. If you are working, your work schedule should be somewhat flexible for you to be available to go out on auditions.

When will I hear back from the agency?
Unfortunately, due to high volume we will not be able to reach out to everyone. The reason might have been not being the right age or height, or not at the right timing. We encouraged you to re-apply again if you feel your look or experience level have changed since the last time you had applied or interviewed with us.

We come across so many people that has real potential but they never fulfilled it because they were stuck in the belief that they will not make it or someone else should pay for their career. You will never be able to get back the opportunity of a lifetime if you let it slip by without trying it out for yourself. Just use your best judgment and you’ll be on the right rack. We look forward to reviewing your submissions.

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